College Counseling Testimonials

Students and Parents Share Their Experiences

“Coach Hart always kept me at the center of the college admissions process, guiding me to make the ‘right’ decisions. I came to rely on his practically optimistic perspective, which allowed me to navigate the process while keeping my head on straight.  I was accepted to Harvard College and received the Jefferson Scholarship.  Antoine and I continue to stay in touch.”

– Injil M. (Student)

“Antoine Hart has the gift for painting a clear picture of the college process, presenting both the pros and cons of each decision.  Antoine always asked the right questions, giving my son the freedom to make his own decisions with his heart and mind.  With Antoine’s guidance, my son was accepted into 10 colleges including the one that was a perfect fit!”

– Maxine M. (Mom)

“During the very unpredictable year of the Pandemic, Antione guided me through a college process made even more unpredictable by the pandemic. We worked together to help identify my strengths-including community service and visual art–and match them to the right colleges, including the one where I currently attend. Our collaboration created a winning outcome!”

– Miles S. (Student)

“Mr. Hart instilled me with the confidence and tools I needed to pursue my goals. I would not be where I am today if it were not for Mr. Hart’s words and actions of encouragement.”

– Victoria D. (Student)

“Mr. Hart’s kind and genuine disposition kept my college counseling process honest and fun. I looked forward to each meeting I had with him!”

– Evelyn D. (Student)

“His all-inclusive approach to understanding the needs of each of the students he works with and their families provides unmatched support in this inevitable time of uncertainty.”

– Mr. & Mrs. D (Parents)