Bespoke is delighted to offer individual and small-group learning pods to students and families in and around New York City.
Learning Pods

Bespoke Education has offered a variety of homeschooling and alternative-education options for students and families for nearly 20 years. As families look for solutions to either supplement or replace their children’s schooling, our talented teachers can be the foundation of a successful learning experience.

Families can choose from a variety of options, including creating their own program. For families who are withdrawing their children from their school for the entire semester or year, choose the Private Education Program (PREP) option. For families who will maintain their students’ enrollments but who want additional in-person academic support, choose the Enrichment option.

For more information, please select your format below and review the attached documentation. If you have any questions, please call us at (212) 286-2227.

Pod Formats

Private Education Program (PREP)
Full-day accredited schooling using Laurel Springs curriculum.