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Testimonials : Paris

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The course no doubt helped me immensely. The majority of the questions were like ones we had gone over, and on the whole the test was easier than much of the stuff we had been doing, just like you had said. The subject material we studied definitely applied to the real test, especially plant biology, genetics, and that tree question came up again asking about growth over time. Thanks so much for all your help!
– SAT 2 Biology, 12th grader, ASP
I will definitely recommend your SAT class to friends. The teacher was great and approachable, and the Bespoke books are very helpful.
– SAT Intermediate, 11th grader, Lycee Louis Le Grand
Your SAT course taught me very useful strategies for all sections of the SAT, which will be very helpful for me when I take the test. I would absolutely recommend your course to other students preparing for the SAT.
– SAT Advanced, 11th grader, Lycee International St. Germain
Just took my SATs and couldn’t have done it without Bespoke! The class really prepared me for the test and Bespoke’s study book was great.
– SAT Intermediate, 11th grade, ASP
Before going into the class, I had little idea of what the test would be like. The class atmosphere was great and Bespoke’s lessons were efficient and based closely on the real exam.
– ACT exam, 11th grader, ASP
Erin is a great tutor and has just the right personality for our daughter. I think the classes our son took with Bespoke at ASP a couple of years ago were perfect for him but the individual tutoring is so helpful. Her first quarter Algebra 2 grade was a D- but her current grade has risen to a B-, and she received an A+ on a quiz and a B on her last test after her tutoring sessions. We’re thrilled!
– Parent of an 11th grader
I just wanted to let you know that the course I took last week went very well. Richard Fielding was a great teacher, who really managed to explain clearly and simply how to go about taking the test. The various strategies I learned throughout the course helped me do better on the SAT than I did on my PSATs, and I found the course as a whole very useful and enjoyable to attend.
– Lycee International St Germain, 10th Grader
My daughter was just accepted early to NYU. We are so happy. Thanks to Bespoke she was able to submit the scores she needed.
– Parent of a 12th grader at EABJM
Aysegul was the best tutor I have ever had!!! I would recommend you to everyone. It was a great experience.
– Marymount International School 5th Grader
Saying that Aysegul was fun, patient or attentive is a huge understatement: not only is she skilled in preparing for all the SAT sections but also sympathetic, organized and able to anticipate students’ needs. Her international background made Aysegul particularly aware of the problems international students might have. My sessions were academically intensive as well as enjoyable and pleasant. We laughed often and discussed many subjects which made my sessions even more valuable. Aysegul helped me greatly and I would not have been able to make without her. I had a great time preparing for the worst of all tests.
– 12th grader at Ecole Internationale Bilingue Etoile
Your weekend intensive SAT course was very productive. I learned a lot about how to take the SAT and it made me realize that the SAT isn’t actually that hard. I managed to finish most sections of the mock test with plenty time left to check over answers, and my time management seemed a lot better. The book is really helpful and will prove to be a great study guide. Thanks for the course!
– Ecolint 11th grader, Geneva