Bespoke’s academic tutoring provides one-on-one attention adapted to each student’s needs.

Whether students want a couple of sessions to help plan a research paper or daily meetings to help keep pace in geometry, we can quickly provide the support they need. Our tutors are experts in their fields with the versatility to quickly discern students’ levels of understanding and tailor instruction to their specific needs. Tutors communicate frequently with parents about progress, and our client services team is always available to answer questions and address concerns.


Our tutors have the experience to go above and beyond the curriculum and help advanced students excel. Whether you are looking for a fluent speaker to help your student learn a foreign language, an extra set of eyes to take your student’s writing to the next level, or an experienced teacher to help your student stay engaged over the summer, we work with you to design a plan to accomplish your goals.


One of the greatest capacities of academic tutoring is to fill in gaps in content knowledge that arise throughout the school year. By working one-on-one, tutors are able to respond to your student’s specific learning style and level of understanding. Whether they need to hear a concept explained in a different way or to practice the fundamentals of a subject, students find that working with our tutors helps them take ownership of their education and feel more confident in school. 

Building Long-Term Relationships

We hire tutors who have both a breadth and depth of knowledge. Many families find that the excellent tutor they hired to help their student with physics may be able to provide the occasional hand with math homework as well. And some of our most successful test prep tutoring relationships began as academic support! As tutors get to know your family, they can also help our client services team make a good match for any additional needs you have.

“I cannot tell you how incredibly thrilled we have been with our son’s progress working with Jessica. His grades in Honors Biology have gone straight up since he started working with her, and the effects can be seen in his attitude about studying for other courses. The extra cost of Bespoke over other private tutors we have retained in the past was clearly worth it in terms of results: both in our son’s attitude and his grades. As he is only a freshman in high school at this time, we expect to be working with Bespoke in the future!”

– Parents of a Westchester 9th grader