“When we were looking for a high school for our daughter, Bespoke’s tutors and office team could not have been more patient, knowledgeable, and capable. Their middle school admissions seminar provided us with lots of information about what the high school admissions process would be like. Bespoke paired Ali with a terrific ISEE instructor who helped her with test strategies and zeroed in on her reading comprehension weaknesses. She got into all three private schools she applied to.”

– Parents of a PS 334 8th grader

“Over the years, our son had studied with several competent tutors, but it wasn’t until he worked with Dave at Bespoke that he received the individual attention that he needed. Dave immediately assessed John’s strengths and weaknesses, and developed study strategies that really worked. His test scores, along with his morale, got a significant boost, and he was accepted into his first choice school.”

– Parents of an Elisabeth Irwin 12th grader

“Thank you so much for all your help over the past few years. I have found that all of your tutors are fantastic. I did very well this year in my AP Chemistry course and I wanted to let you know that I owe it all to Brooke. She always made our lessons fun and interesting, and I learned a ton in each one. I could not be happier with the way chemistry went this year.”

– Ben B., Horace Mann 12th grader

“Our experience with Bespoke Education has been extremely positive. Our son will certainly use the test taking skills he learned well beyond this particular standardized exam. As parents, we were very pleased by how easy it was to work with Bespoke’s staff and tutors.”

– Parents of a Fieldston 11th grader

“Several months before the end of 8th grade, my son was asked to leave school because of some behavioral issues. Bespoke was able to work with my son’s teachers and the administrators at the school so that he could finish all his coursework and take his final exams. Bespoke’s tutors did so with sensitivity, and they had great mastery over the material he needed to be taught. I would recommend Bespoke to any family whose child is in a similar situation.”

– Denise R., 8th grade parent

“I was dubious about the merits of SAT test prep, but the results don’t lie. My son Jon worked with a Bespoke tutor for over two months and took four mock tests. As a result his scores rose from the spring SAT to the fall SAT over 20%. Their office staff gave very careful thought to the selection of a tutor who would be a good fit for Jon, and Paul Rossi was the best – a great motivator who taught the material and test-taking skills in an effective and organized way, without being overbearing. Most important, he helped Jon develop the confidence needed to do well on test day. I heartily recommend Bespoke.”

– Joanne F., mother of a Beacon 12th grader

“My Bespoke tutor was both friendly and effective. Not only did he teach me the proper material, but he taught me how to take the test as well. In doing so, I greatly improved my scores – over 150 points in a little more than a month. I cannot thank him and the Bespoke staff enough for their support. They were always courteous, professional, and helpful to me whenever I had any questions.”

– Jordan F., Horace Mann 12th grader

“Bespoke’s tutoring was enormously helpful to Seth. I’m only sorry Seth didn’t start earlier with Bespoke. Everyone on your staff was always so helpful in all ways. In the end, Seth did very well on his SAT and ACT scores in large part because of Ali Ahn’s coaching and tutoring. Seth was accepted, early decision, to Cornell’s School of Engineering. Last week he was notified he won a $10,000 academic scholarship from Chevron payable over four years.”

– Parent of a Columbia Prep 12th grader

“We would like to thank you for helping Jason for the last year and a half to accomplish his academic goals. We have just received notice that Jason was accepted via Early Decision to Columbia University. We are overwhelmed by what this means for his future and are grateful for all the support you have provided.”

– Parents of a Yeshiva University HS senior

“I can’t thank you enough on behalf of my son Matthew for his achievement on the ACT. e looked forward to going to his ACT prep class every week and felt comfortable being invested in the program. Jessica worked so well with Matt. He only had to take the ACT once because his scores had gone up so much, improving five composite points in about as many months. Jessica was fabulous and we will miss her! Bespoke has a great approach and staff to provide the tools for success.”

– Melissa S., mother of a Scarsdale 11th grader

“Elan was a great tutor. If there was something that I didn’t know, he would explain it to me clearly, whether in biology, chemistry, or physics. If I didn’t understand his explanation, he would try to explain it to me by giving me a real life situation. Elan made physics easier to understand this year. He helped me excel in a difficult course.”

– Derrick A., Columbia Prep 12th grader

“Everyone we dealt with at Bespoke Education – from administrators and support staff to tutors – has a unified and complementary focus: to develop a student-specific strategy, mind set, and overall experience that builds confidence, reduces stress, and enables each student to do his or her best. The main office makes a great effort to ensure a positive fit between the tutors and students. The tutors demystify SATs and APs and are wonderful about accommodating over-booked and frequently changing schedules. The mock tests and evaluations let parents and students see the progress, which is, happily, reflected in the official test results. Thank you Bespoke for all your efforts!”

– Katherine W., NYC parent

“Robert, it is with great excitement that I inform you of my admittance to Tulane University. I will be heading down to New Orleans next year, and I would really like to thank you for all of your help through my SAT process.”

– Blair D., 12th grader at The Lawrenceville School

“OMG! I got a 33 on the test!!! I got a 34 science, 34 math, 29 english, and 36 READING!!!”

– Trevor Day 11th grader, happily emailing his tutor, Josh

“Both of my daughters prepared with Bespoke for their SATs. I am a big believer in Bespoke Education and recommend its tutoring to everyone. My daughters will be able to attend an entirely different level of college due to their increased SAT scores, and I attribute that to Bespoke.”

– Father of two Colts Neck, NJ students

“We thought Nick was an outstanding tutor. The practice tests are very helpful too. Emma’s ACT score went from a 23 to a 29. I would highly recommend Bespoke and Nick, and hope he is still tutoring when my son starts the process.”

– Parent of an Eastchester senior

“Luke, Our hard work paid off! I got a 8 in verbal and quantitative reasoning, and a 5 in mathematics achievement. Thank you so much for helping me in every way. Now my school choices are widened because of this! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!”

– St. Hilda’s and Hugh’s 8th grader

“I think Bespoke is a great company. I’m happy and thankful that they introduced me to Julia (who has helped me do well on lots of things and prepared me as well) and for administering mock tests, so I could be thoroughly prepared for the official testing day. I would totally recommend Bespoke Education to my friends if they ever needed tutoring help, mock testing, or help for standardized tests. THANK YOU BESPOKE!!”

– 8th grader, Manhattan

“Isaac Foster is a genius. We are in awe of his coaching & tutoring prowess and the very genuine way he communicates his belief in his students. It has been a joy watching my son start to believe he could master the test. We think Isaac has made a profound difference, and are so grateful to Peter for identifying the right tutor. You have a great team, and I am impressed by the sense of real personal attention amidst what appears to be a growing, thriving tutoring service. We are very big fans of Bespoke.”

– Parent of a Columbia Prep 11th Grader

“My son took the ACT for the second time in April. After his first test in October, he worked with study books (including Bespoke’s) and took three more mock tests at your office. We are so happy to be able to tell you that his second score improved by 3 composite points!! We greatly appreciate all of the coaching and tips provided by Jessica. He used all of that information in preparation for this test.”

– Parent of an Irvington HS senior

“My son just took the ACT, and we received his results yesterday. He scored a 34. We are ecstatic. Special thanks to Elan, who guided us through the process very patiently and methodically, and who was both a role model and mentor in that regard. Elan never cancelled on us and was never a minute late. His calm demeanor worked wonders. Our younger son will be going through this process in two years, and I hope Elan is available then. Thank you, Bespoke!”

– Parent of a NYC 11th grader

“I cannot tell you how incredibly thrilled we have been with our son’s progress working with Jessica. His grades in Honors Biology have gone straight up since he started working with her, and the effects can be seen in his attitude about studying for other courses. As he is only a freshman in high school at this time, we expect to be working with Bespoke in the future!”

– Parent of an Irvington HS 9th grader

“Jon – you are incredible. Our son’s SAT score far exceeded any of his practice scores. He is thrilled and we are very happy for him. We really can’t thank you enough for all of your efforts. Thanks, thanks, thanks!”

– Parents of an Irvington High School 11th Grader