Our Teachers

Our teachers are incredibly passionate about equity and access in education, and they are fiercely motivated and 100% committed to helping their students grow.

  • Bespoke Education’s teachers are recruited and hired through a rigorous employment process.
  • All of our teachers have experience as classroom teachers and/or tutors, and many have advanced degrees.
  • Our training and professional development program is extensive. This program includes work in: curriculum development, pedagogy, lesson planning, classroom management, and culturally responsive education.
  • Our teachers are organized into small cohorts, which meet regularly. These meetings are devoted to lesson planning, feedback sharing, and coaching. Experienced administrators supervise these meetings and observe our teachers on an ongoing basis.

“Our support staff, my fellow tutors and I are all dedicated to supporting students and helping them to meet and exceed their goals. Many of the students that we work with come from complicated home situations and tend to thrive in small group settings, where they feel comfortable being vulnerable and asking for help. Watching these students grow in confidence, pride and ability is incredibly rewarding.”

Jennifer Williams, New Haven,