College Admissions 101

Monday, May 9th at 6:30PM

Tuesday, May 10th at 3:30PM

We invite you to join expert college counselor Jenny Davis and experienced college essay coach Sonya Hayden in a lively discussion on the ins and outs of applying to college and what to expect in the upcoming admissions season. Jenny and Sonya will review the typical admissions timeline, the components of a strong application and the weight they each carry in admissions considerations, early decision, essays and personal statements, frequently asked questions, and more. They will also discuss recent changes to the college application process, and what “test optional” may mean for students this year and beyond. Our panelists will invite attendee questions throughout the webinar via the chat and Q&A!

College Essay Masterclass: Crafting a Memorable Personal Statement

Wednesday, June 1st at 12:00PM

Thursday, June 2nd at 6:00PM

College essay experts Sam Segan and Gary Jaffe are back with a brand new webinar to accompany their popular recurring presentation, Everything You Need to Know About College Essays. This time, they will take on the roles of student and tutor and demonstrate the process of creating an outstanding, authentic, compelling personal statement for the Common App in a masterclass format. Along the way, Sam and Gary will share tips they have picked up from their years of experience working with hundreds of students to refine their writing skills and hone in on what unique narrative, message, or idea each student wants to convey.


Welcome to our ongoing free webinar series! These are live webinars, built from the ground up, drawing on the talent and expertise of our tutors, coaches, and advisors, and founded on Bespoke’s combined decades of tutoring experience. With each webinar we’re trying to answer the questions every parent has about critical moments in their child’s educational journey. Our webinars also offer an informal welcome and introduction to Bespoke Education itself: helpful and friendly and, above all, informative and invaluable. So please explore – browse our collection of past webinars, sign up for an upcoming webinar, or subscribe to our ongoing webinar mailing list. We look forward to including you in the conversation!

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Everything You Need to Know About College Essays

What makes a great personal essay? How do I pick my topic? What is a supplement? What is a parent’s role in college essay creation? Please join Bespoke college essay experts for an engaging seminar on how to craft authentic essays for college applications.

Fostering a Growth Mindset: A Key to Academic Success

Are your intelligence and math ability set in stone, or are they malleable? Are your traits fixed, or can they grow and change? Or something in between? Where we fall on this spectrum influences many aspects of our life experience, from how we respond to difficulty, to our willingness to pursue challenges, to even our ability to learn. Join Bespoke COO Dan Cozzens in conversation with Ariel Finch Bernstein, PhD in Social-Organizational Psychology and Bespoke GRE & GMAT Test Prep Expert, for a presentation and discussion of the research around and practical applications of adopting a Growth Mindset instead of a Fixed one.

In this webinar, we will explore the ways in which mindsets affect how our tutors and students confront adversity and change, deal with setbacks and disappointments, and reach goals both in their academic and personal lives. Students and parents are welcome. We will answer attendee questions throughout the webinar via the chat and Q&A!

Introduction to the SAT and ACT with Bespoke Education

What are these tests? What subjects and skills do they cover? How do you decide between the two? How do you plan for them? Join us as we cover the latest updates to the testing landscape, as well as test-optional policies, and how they relate to current college admissions information.

Demystifying the ACT Science Test

Join Bespoke ACT experts as they discuss the structure, content, and scoring of the notorious ACT Science Test. Our panelists present key strategies students can employ to maximize their efficiency and accuracy on this section in a masterclass format.

This webinar guides families through the uniquely challenging transition back to school in Fall 2021. Our panelists discuss ways to stay organized in the age of online learning, tips for navigating the social and emotional changes brought about by a return to in-person education, and ways to facilitate your child’s learning amidst the many changes the new school year may bring.

Resume Building for College Applications and Beyond

What is the optimal student resume format? What activities should you include? Most importantly: how will a solid resume improve your chances of success on college applications and during your college career? In this seminar, two of Bespoke’s academic support experts discuss common misconceptions surrounding student resumes, formatting dos and dont’s, organization tips, and ways to adjust your resume for different purposes, including applying to college, jobs, and internships.

Everything You Need to Know About the ISEE and SSAT

Join our expert tutors for an in-depth exploration of the ISEE, SSAT, and other standardized tests for middle school and high school admissions. Our panelists discuss key features of each test, how to decide which test(s) to take, the test preparation and tutoring timeline, how to decipher your child’s ISEE and SSAT scores, recent changes to the testing landscape, and more.