Boost Your Grades? First Learn How You Learn

“How” students learn often determines ”what” they learn–and what they don’t.

Join Neill Seltzer, Chief Tutoring Officer at Mindprint Learning, and Dr. Jacqueline Reina, licensed clinical psychologist and Bespoke Executive Function consultant, as they discuss how to understand students’ cognitive strengths and how to transform these insights into academic success and college readiness.

Guided by the proprietary Mindprint Learning model, the panelists will discuss the different components of how students think and process information. They will share concrete strategies to tackle common issues like disorganization, homework-related stress, inconsistent grades, test anxiety, and procrastination.


Dr. Jacqueline M. Reina, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist
Neill Seltzer, Chief Tutoring Officer, Mindprint Learning

What you will learn:

  • The executive function science underlying the “Mindprint” learning style assessment and how it can help unlock a student’s academic potential 
  • Practical study and organization tips and techniques that work best for different learning styles
  • How to incorporate learning techniques into daily study habits that will improve student grades for the rest of this school year – and beyond


The Big 3 Test Matchup: The Digital SAT, SAT, ACT

Bespoke test preparation experts will compare and contrast the new digital SAT, the current SAT, and the ACT to help students find their “best fit”

Deciding to take the SAT (which will begin the move to a new digital format this fall) or ACT is among the first big choices students will confront as they begin the college admissions process. Bespoke test preparation experts Jon DiMaio and Sam Segan will explain how the tests differ, how to make a “best fit” choice, and how to begin preparing right now for test day.


Jon DiMaio & Sam Segan
Bespoke Test Preparation Experts

What you will learn:

  •  Recent changes in the testing landscape, including the Digital SAT
  • A subject and skill overview of the two tests
  • How to choose which test to take based on academic strengths and goals
  • Preparation strategies: short-, medium- and long-term

The Road to College: Exploration, Preparation & Planning

Overwhelmed by the sheer number of colleges, universities, and post-graduation options but not sure where to begin?

Join us for a virtual roundtable led by Bespoke Director of College Counseling Antoine Hart that will focus on college selection, college tours and visits, and planning out your spring to set yourself up for a smooth admissions cycle.


Antoine Hart, Director of College Counseling
Sarah Hartmann, College and Graduate School Admissions Counselor
Claire Siebers, College Essay Specialist

What you will learn:

  • “The List” – Timing, researching, and building your college list
  • Sophomore and Junior Spring – Key wayposts and planning ahead
  • Summer Plans – Tips for continuing to explore your interests
  • College Visits – Do’s and Don’t’s

Cracking ACT & SAT Reading & Grammar

Test prep experts unpack essential ACT and SAT essential reading skills and strategies

Reading comprehension, critical text analysis, and grammar mastery. When it comes to these core skills, is your student prepared for the ACT, SAT, college, and beyond?

Our expert panelists will demonstrate reliable methods for developing reading confidence, competence, and efficiency which students can apply to the standardized tests and carry with them as lifelong learners.

Julianna Tauschinger-Dempsey, Bespoke Test Prep Expert
Conrad Schott, Bespoke Test Prep Expert

What you will learn:

  • What to expect on the English, Writing and Language, and Reading sections of the ACT/SAT
  • How to make consistent progress toward raising your score
  • How to employ core analytical and time management strategies
  • How our expert test prep tutors can help your student improve their reading skill

Mastering ACT & SAT Math

Experts Explain Strategies and Skills to Raise SAT & ACT Math Scores with Confidence

Hoping to improve your ACT or SAT math score but not sure where to begin? Join our test prep experts as they unpack math skills, strategies, and content for the standardized tests and demonstrate proven ways to strengthen math competency and build test-taking confidence.

Lauren Singerman and Jeremy Russial, Bespoke Test Prep Experts

What you will learn:

  • What to expect on the math sections of the ACT and SAT
  • How to set goals and make consistent progress toward raising your score
  • How to employ core problem solving and time management strategies
  • How our expert test prep tutors can help your student find success on the standardized tests

5 Ways to Become Better Learners Now

5 Proven Executive Function Techniques for Students to Become Better Learners in 2023

  • Always do work at the last minute and struggle to complete assignments before the deadline?
  • Frequently lose or forget about assignments? 
  • Do well on homework but perform poorly on exams? 
  • Struggle to make a connection with teachers or ask for help?

    Improving the organizational and learning skills associated with Executive Function is key to addressing these concerns. Join Bespoke Executive Function Coaches as they discuss common executive functions gaps and demonstrate concrete ways students can strengthen these important life skills.

Sylvia Kates and Julia Saunders 
Bespoke Executive Function Coaches

  • How to determine the type of support your child needs
  • How parents and educators can provide this support
  • What students and parents can do NOW to help raise grades, lower stress and fatigue, and improve organization and study skills! 

SAT or ACT? How to Choose

Deciding to take the SAT or ACT is among the first big choices students will confront as they begin the college admissions process. It’s crucial to know all the facts before making a “best-fit” decision.

Bespoke test preparation experts Jon Di Maio and Katie Patterson will explain how the two tests differ, how to make a “best fit” choice, and how to begin preparing right now for test day.

  • Recent changes in the testing landscape
  • A subject and skill overview of the two tests
  • How to choose which test to take based on academic strengths and goals
  • Preparation strategies: short-, medium- and long-term

Jon DiMaio & Katie Patterson
Bespoke Test Preparation Experts

Mock Testing for SAT & ACT Success

Mock Testing is essential to any student’s test preparation process: when done right, it will increase their endurance, their resilience, their focus, and their scores. In standardized tests, just as in athletics or music, you must practice like you play. There are far better options out there than taking an untimed SAT at your dining room table. Come and learn from Bespoke’s test prep experts as they explain the importance of mock testing and how students can master the process.

  • How to use the principles of targeted and reflective practice to get the most out of every test.
  • How to manage time and mitigate time pressure.
  • How proctored tests match the real experience, and why it matters.
  • Why mock tests increase test-taking confidence and develop test taking skills.
  • What practice test scores really mean.
  • When to test for best results.
  • What to take away from your mock test results.

Dan Cozzens – Bespoke COO & Head of Tutoring
MaLeeKa Saunders – Bespoke Director of Mock Testing
Mitchel Kawash – Bespoke Test Prep Expert & Head of Online Instruction
Sylvia Kates – Bespoke Test Prep Expert

Say What?? Common College Admissions Myths Debunked

The (over) abundance of information on college admissions can make the process feel overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be this way! Join Bespoke college admissions experts as they debunk some common myths surrounding college admissions. Our panelists will encourage attendees to drive the discussion through live participation via Zoom’s chat and Q&A features. We will answer questions like:

  • Does applying to all the Ivy League colleges increase my chances of admission? 
  • Does applying Early Decision increase my chances of admission? 
  • If I am being recruited, does that mean I’m guaranteed to get in? 
  • What is the impact of attending a pre-college program?


Welcome to our ongoing free webinar series! These are live webinars, built from the ground up, drawing on the talent and expertise of our tutors, coaches, and advisors, and founded on Bespoke’s combined decades of tutoring experience. With each webinar, we’re trying to answer the questions every parent has about critical moments in their child’s educational journey. Our webinars also offer an informal welcome and introduction to Bespoke Education itself: helpful and friendly and, above all, informative and invaluable. So please explore – browse our collection of past webinars, sign up for an upcoming webinar, or subscribe to our ongoing webinar mailing list. We look forward to including you in the conversation!

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Solving the Early Application Puzzle

Students work closely with their college admissions team to decide where and how to apply to college. Equally important in this process is when. This webinar, led by Bespoke college admissions experts Antoine Hart and Sarah Hartmann, will explain how best to time applications, from Early Decision to rolling admissions. Antoine and Sarah will address frequently asked questions such as:

  • When is the best time to apply to a “reach” school or a “target” school? 
  • What are the differences between Early Decision, Early Action, Restrictive Early Action, and Rolling Admissions? 
  • How many schools should you apply to early and regular? 
  • What role do SAT & ACT scores currently play? 
  • When should you finish your personal statement? 
  • How much should you change your supplemental essays for each college?
  • When should you begin to practice interviewing?

College Essay Masterclass II

Intro to Executive Function Coaching – III

Introduction to the SAT and ACT II

Intro to Executive Function Coaching – II

College Essay Masterclass I

College Admissions 101

Everything You Need to Know About College Essays

What makes a great personal essay? How do I pick my topic? What is a supplement? What is a parent’s role in college essay creation? Please join Bespoke college essay experts for an engaging seminar on how to craft authentic essays for college applications.

Fostering a Growth Mindset: A Key to Academic Success

Are your intelligence and math ability set in stone, or are they malleable? Are your traits fixed, or can they grow and change? Or something in between? Where we fall on this spectrum influences many aspects of our life experience, from how we respond to difficulty, to our willingness to pursue challenges, to even our ability to learn. Join Bespoke COO Dan Cozzens in conversation with Ariel Finch Bernstein, PhD in Social-Organizational Psychology and Bespoke GRE & GMAT Test Prep Expert, for a presentation and discussion of the research around and practical applications of adopting a Growth Mindset instead of a Fixed one.

In this webinar, we will explore the ways in which mindsets affect how our tutors and students confront adversity and change, deal with setbacks and disappointments, and reach goals both in their academic and personal lives. Students and parents are welcome. We will answer attendee questions throughout the webinar via the chat and Q&A!

Introduction to the SAT and ACT

What are these tests? What subjects and skills do they cover? How do you decide between the two? How do you plan for them? Join us as we cover the latest updates to the testing landscape, as well as test-optional policies, and how they relate to current college admissions information.

Demystifying the ACT Science Test

Join Bespoke ACT experts as they discuss the structure, content, and scoring of the notorious ACT Science Test. Our panelists present key strategies students can employ to maximize their efficiency and accuracy on this section in a masterclass format.

Navigating the Transition (Back) to High School

This webinar guides families through the uniquely challenging transition back to school in Fall 2021. Our panelists discuss ways to stay organized in the age of online learning, tips for navigating the social and emotional changes brought about by a return to in-person education, and ways to facilitate your child’s learning amidst the many changes the new school year may bring.

Resume Building for College Applications and Beyond

What is the optimal student resume format? What activities should you include? Most importantly: how will a solid resume improve your chances of success on college applications and during your college career? In this seminar, two of Bespoke’s academic support experts discuss common misconceptions surrounding student resumes, formatting dos and dont’s, organization tips, and ways to adjust your resume for different purposes, including applying to college, jobs, and internships.

Everything You Need to Know About the ISEE and SSAT

Join our expert tutors for an in-depth exploration of the ISEE, SSAT, and other standardized tests for middle school and high school admissions. Our panelists discuss key features of each test, how to decide which test(s) to take, the test preparation and tutoring timeline, how to decipher your child’s ISEE and SSAT scores, recent changes to the testing landscape, and more.