Guiding The College Admissions Journey Toward Desired Destinations

It is widely recognized that the path taken during college admissions process is as important as the destination.  Before moving forward, families and students often ask: 

How do they begin their journeys?  Who will guide them along the way?

Bespoke Education has over 20 years of experience working with high schoolers as early as the 9th grade to gain admission to top colleges and universities in the US and around the world. At Bespoke, families will find a complete support system of passionate educators and admissions experts who will guide students throughout their academic journey.

A Focus on the Whole Student

Our focused commitment to discovering, drawing out, and presenting the “whole student” sets Bespoke’s College Counseling Program apart. No matter when we begin our journey together with students, we can offer the resources and support they need to raise the odds of success–and minimize anxiety along the way.

Dedicated, Experienced Professionals

Our College Counselors have worked for years in admissions at prestigious universities, in high school college guidance, and privately on college essays, interviews, and admissions. In addition to their vast experience, college counselors bring real-world insights to help students maneuver adroitly through the college admissions process.

A Network of Experts

Unlike independent college admissions advisors, our College Counselors work with a team of in-house tutors, executive function coaches, writing advisors, and interview specialists focused on empowering college-bound students to conquer their college applications. 

A Personalized Process

Our College Counselors combine a team-based approach with careful personal attention to each student. Their goal: build students’ trust and confidence by seeking to fully understand their motivations, interests, aspirations, and goals. 

Coach. Mentor. Friend

Our College Counselors become students’ advisors, mentors, coaches, cheerleaders, and advocates- always working to build students’ understanding of themselves and confidence in their decision making. The relationships between students and their counselors often endure beyond the admissions process, with students seeking out their advice and perspective long into their college days and beyond.

How Bespoke Helps Students Gain College Admissions

Academic & Extracurricular Advising:

A College Counselor helps plan studies, schedules, academic support, and extracurricular activities that further progress toward the goal of college admission. This service is for students from 9th to 11th grades.

Admissions Coaching

A College Counselor develops a full personalized list of college recommendations alongside strategic advice on application timing and Early Decision/Early Action, “reach” and “target” schools, and more. This service begins in the spring of a student’s junior year.

Application Advising

A College Counselor tailors a student’s applications, and related statements and materials, for admission to a specific target school or schools. This service is for seniors in their senior fall.

College Essay Coaching

A College Essay Coach and a student work closely throughout the entire essay development process, from brainstorming ideas to creating submission-ready personal statements and supplemental essays. Coaches always share the student’s essays with two essay experts. Their fresh perspectives and thoughtful comments bring added focus to students’ work. This service begins in the summer after a student’s junior year.