Bespoke’s tutors provide the organization and study skills that support students throughout a lifetime of learning.

Organization and executive functioning can be a challenge for some students. Many middle and high schoolers don’t yet know how to plan for a long-term project, how to study for a big test, or how to manage the day-to-day stream of assignments. We can help!

Our tutors have decades of experience supporting long-term student development through fundamental study skills and organization principles. We help our students build a combination of habits and practices that suit their specific needs. This creates the conditions for independent academic success: our students finish tutoring sessions feeling equipped, confident, and successful.

Here are some suggestions of skills we can help your student build:

  • Effective time management
  • Productive review for upcoming tests 
  • Binder organization  
  • Division of large projects into smaller tasks
  • Personalized note-taking 
  • Keeping track of homework assignments and due dates
  • Successful planner use
  • Efficient use of school resources such as teacher office hours or study hall
  • Proactive content review throughout the semester to avoid “cramming” before tests
  • Research project or paper planning and scheduling 
  • “Free period” use at school
  • Optimization of a physical and/or virtual workspace
  • Scheduling study time during finals and Regents seasons
  • Academic enrichment during summer break
  • And much more!!

“Our experience far exceeded our expectations, and our son (and both parents) are impressed by his growth in his area of challenge.”

– Parents of study skills student