Bespoke customizes our test prep curriculum to suit your school. Let’s build a partnership together.

We are proud to partner with dozens of schools in New York and around the world to support their students in preparing for the standardized tests used in high school and college admissions. Our programs demystify the tests, assist students in making appropriate test prep plans, and provide excellent instruction with our industry-leading resources.

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Our services for schools include:

  • Informational Presentations
  • Seminars for Parents
  • Skills Workshops for Students
  • After-School and Weekend Classes
  • Diagnostic Testing

Bespoke’s informational presentations equip students and families to make informed choices between the exams (ACT vs. SAT, ISEE vs. SSAT, etc.) and prepare them for the standardized testing component of the high school or college application process. We provide detailed information about the tests as well as guidelines for a reasonable prep timeline.

Bespoke’s classes improve confidence and test-taking skills by giving students an in-depth knowledge of the exam, so they can walk in on test day knowing exactly what to do. Our instructors work with school partners to tailor our syllabus and curricular materials to fit both the students’ priorities and the school’s culture.

We also provide a range of diagnostic tests, which enable teachers, counselors, and families to coordinate testing plans and goals. Our proctors can administer diagnostic ACT, SAT, ISEE, SSAT, and SHSAT exams online or at your school.

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“Bespoke has been a wonderful partner over a number of years for the mission of our counseling and with our families. Reliably responsive, fair, and always centered on what is best for the student, they are an organization with whom we could not be happier. Their professionalism, support, and expertise distinguishes them!”

-Melanie White, Director of College Counseling, Grace Church School

“Bespoke Education has been a lifesaver to us. When we needed a partner to help us provide enrichment for our students, they were there to help. Our Program has thrived, survived, and excelled based on the support from Bespoke. For over 13 years, our students have consistently improved their test scores during the year they have worked with the instructors. Over the years, the Bespoke administrators have accommodated our needs—from SAT prep during the summer to writing workshops and SSAT prep in the summer and fall. They have even provided individual pro bono tutoring for those in need. We could not continue our success without the support from the Bespoke Education staff.”

– Derrick Wallace, Director, Wadleigh Scholars