Bespoke Education has been providing exceptional remote instruction for over a decade.
Special Services
Online Tutoring
Whether in person or online, Bespoke tutors get to know each student and tailor instruction to their individual needs. Through live, one-on-one remote sessions, our expert instructors help students grow and accomplish their goals as if they were sitting in the same room.
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How It Works
Intake Call:
Our knowledgeable office staff answers your questions and pairs you with the best tutor for your student.
Once matched, the tutor works with your student using video conferencing software. Our tutors are trained to use digital whiteboards, pdf editors, and more, all the while using your student’s unique learning style as a guide.
Bespoke’s outstanding test prep materials are available as physical books or digital pdfs. According to your preferences, we make sure they show up in your mailbox or inbox as quickly as possible.
Mock Testing:
Remote mock testing allows your student to experience timed, proctored exams from the comfort of your home. When you register for a mock test, you receive easy-to-follow instructions for completing the test and returning it for grading.
Frequently Asked Questions
What technology do I need for remote tutoring?
We recommend using a computer or laptop that is connected to the internet; this allows for robust sharing of material between tutor and student. If a laptop is not available, your student can also join the call using a phone or tablet.
What video conferencing platform does Bespoke use?
We recommend Zoom and are happy to walk you through the process of downloading it for free; however, if you prefer a different platform we are happy to accommodate Skype, Google Meet, or, in many cases, FaceTime.
How do I set my student up for remote tutoring success?
Help your student pick a strong location that can be used consistently for tutoring. The location should be quiet, well-lit, and include a surface with plenty of space for writing in a textbook or notebook. Most importantly, the location should have a strong internet connection. Generally, the closer to your home’s internet router the better, but you can test the connection speed here. (Aim for a download speed of at least 8 Mbps and an upload speed of at least 1.5 Mbps.)
If using a laptop, encourage your student to connect it to a charger to ensure the battery life will not run out during the session.
How can I ensure a high-quality internet connection during the session?
After picking a location with a strong internet connection (see above), your student should close all unnecessary windows and applications on their computer. If the connection is still not fast enough, disconnecting other household devices (phones, tablets, etc.) from the internet can help.
Before the first remote tutoring session, your tutor will schedule a brief (5-10 minute) technical check to ensure a strong connection and troubleshoot any problems. This is a great time to ask questions and figure out the setup that works best for your home.
How do I communicate with my student’s tutor if I have a question?
Our tutors are committed to open and frequent communication with parents. You are always welcome to pop in at the beginning or end of tutoring sessions, to email your tutor, or to set up a separate phone call to discuss questions or concerns. Our administrative staff is also available to assist as needed.