Bespoke hires new tutors throughout the year. If you believe you’d be an excellent candidate, read on and send us an application.
Tutor With Us

Interested in Becoming a Bespoke Tutor?

Before applying to work with us, please consider the information below. You may also want to read over some bios of our current tutors on the Tutors page. Tutors must be college graduates and live in the NYC, Westchester or Paris areas.

What We Offer


Bespoke offers tutors the best support in the business. We provide extensive academic training and resources, including our excellent printed curriculum. We have knowledgeable and experienced staff ready to advise you when you and your families need assistance. At Bespoke, you tutor with us, not for us.


We connect you with clients to match your existing schedule, so you can integrate your tutoring work with your other commitments. We have tutors who work with us full-time, and we also have many tutors who work with us to supplement full-time jobs in education, the arts and other fields.


At Bespoke we pride ourselves on our community. We have multiple offices in NYC and Westchester for lessons, meetings, and face-to-face interactions with a welcoming and available staff. Our mentorship program connects tutors who are just starting at Bespoke with veteran tutors for guidance and advice. Professional development seminars, social events and annual gatherings round out the opportunities to meet and interact with the rest of the Bespoke team.


Bespoke offers competitive compensation to attract the best tutors in the city. We provide skill-development seminars on a range of subjects so tutors can keep learning as they teach. We also offer opportunities for advancement within the company in mentoring or administrative roles.

What We’re Looking For

Education, Experience, Diversity

We look for tutors with significant experience in education. Many of our tutors have been or are currently part- or full-time educators. We also look for tutors with a wide variety of life experiences, as we believe great teachers can come from many different fields. A college degree is required for consideration.


Our tutors connect meaningfully with their families and students; they inspire them to work hard and learn material that may be challenging; they communicate with families in a consistent and professional manner; they demonstrate the skills, behaviors, and values they expect of their students.

Confidence, Adaptability, Great Listening

We look for tutors who can meet and work with a wide range of students in many different situations. Tutors must be well-prepared and also ready to adapt when the situation shifts, as one-on-one work often does. We look for tutors who are great listeners, who know that their first impression of a student and a family is not necessarily the most accurate. Our tutors keep questioning and learning to constantly develop a better picture of their students.

Clarity, Interactivity, Enthusiasm

We look for tutors who know how to organize thoughts, language, and content, and who know how to convey that clarity to others and confirm student understanding. Our tutors use these dynamic interactions both to teach and to demonstrate their own enthusiasm for the subject matter.

Incomplete applications will not be considered.
Make sure that a current CV or resume accompanies your application.
It may take several weeks for us to get back to you after you submit your materials.
Type your responses directly into the PDF using a program such as PDFescape, or print, write, scan and email your application.
All applications should be emailed to .

NOTE: If you are having difficulty loading the PDF, right-click (Ctrl-click on Mac), select “Save Link As,” and open the file from your computer.