Your school doesn't need to "teach to the test." But you do need the very best partner who can.
School Programs

Bespoke is proud to partner with dozens of schools around the world to help their students receive the very best test preparation. Our school programs include after-school and/or weekend test prep classes taught by Bespoke’s expert instructors using our proprietary curriculum, which can be customized to fit just about any school schedule. We proctor full-length practice tests at the schools we work with or invite students to test at our offices, and we work closely with each school’s parents and administrators so that everyone can keep an eye on how well the students are doing. Classes can be intensive weekend reviews (6-8 hours over one weekend just before a test date); week-long intensive programs during a school vacation; or, regular weekly classes that last for several months.

In addition, Bespoke creates informational presentations for parents, students, and administrators about the standardized tests in order to demystify the process of test preparation and assist with planning. If your school is interested in a test prep program with Bespoke, or is interested in having Bespoke present at your school, please let us know!