From elementary school reading and math specialists to college-level physics and calculus teachers, Bespoke can cover almost any need you have.
Elementary and Middle School
  • Begin to learn a foreign language: Spanish, French, Italian, Latin, and Mandarin.
  • Make science and math more exciting: learn to write lab reports, study new and important equations and vocabulary, annotate textbooks and take better notes.
  • Learn reading, writing, and grammar.
  • Learn how to write an essay, research paper, or book report.
  • Get help with organization and study skills or work with one of Bespoke’s Homework Helpers.
  • Increase confidence and test-taking speed for standardized tests and school courses.

High School, College, and Graduate School
  • Math: All levels through advanced college courses, including probability and statistics.
  • Science: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth, and Life at all levels through college.
  • Language: Spanish, French, Italian, Latin, and Mandarin, including advanced literature.
  • History: Reading primary sources, DBQs, European, World, U.S. (through AP level).
  • Economics: All levels, including AP Macro and Micro.
  • Writing, Grammar & Literature: Essays, creative writing, college applications, and more.
  • Get help with organization and study skills.
  • Work with tutors via email, phone, and Skype, even if you are far from home.
  • Our expert tutors can help with just about any course, paper, or application essay.

Reading, Writing, and Grammar

How about a Professor from Columbia University’s English Department to help your child with his or her grammar? Or, a tutor who used to work with EssayEdge, one of the country’s leading essay-editing services, to help with writing and editing?

Our experienced teachers can help students of all ages with their paper writing, college essays, and grammar skills. We are extremely careful about offering too much help – we’ll never write papers for students! What we will do is help them to understand a framework for their writing. We will work through the planning, writing, and editing processes with students so that they can begin to write more confidently on their own.

Math Skills and Remediation

Need help with geometry, calculus, or elementary school math? Our experts are math teachers and math majors who understand how to teach mathematical concepts to students of all ages. Our approach allows students to learn how to recognize certain problem types and then use certain problem-solving skills to solve those questions the same way every time.

Many students get overwhelmed in math classes because they have moved ahead from one level to the next without having the foundation that they need. In this case, math remediation can build those basic skills and give students more confidence in their current class.

Bespoke also prepares students to take the SAT Subject Tests and NYS Regents exams in all levels of mathematics, and we have tons of practice material and mock tests to help students get ready.

Foreign Language

Bespoke’s tutors are expert language instructors who are generally native speakers of the languages they teach. Our staff includes tutors who are Immigration Court translators, high-school and university professors, and ESL/ESOL teachers. We can help teach your child to excel at any level of French, Spanish, Italian, Mandarin, and Latin.

Bespoke also offers one-on-one tutoring for adults looking to improve their foreign language skills as well as crash courses in foreign languages for adults and children about to travel abroad. Bespoke prepares students to take the SAT Subject Tests in French, Spanish, and Latin.


Our science tutors not only hold science degrees, but also work as professional scientists and researchers. Bespoke’s chemistry tutors include New York City CSIs, professors in forensic chemistry, and experienced high school teachers. Our physics and biology tutors can easily help students through their classwork since the tutors have completed and excelled in the highest levels of high school and college science. We can help with lab work and lab reports, organizational skills for tests and quizzes, and understanding of new and challenging material. Most importantly, our science tutors are patient, easy to understand, and fun.

Bespoke also prepares students to take the SAT Subject Tests and NYS Regents exams in biology, chemistry, and physics, and we have tons of practice material, vocabulary flashcards, and mock tests to help students get ready.


Bespoke’s history tutors are experienced college professors and high-school teachers who have run history departments at their schools and have helped design entire courses that are taken by students at every level including AP US and AP European history.

Bespoke tutors students for the SAT Subject Tests in both US and World History as well as for the AP History exams given each year by the College Board. Our expert teachers can help students prepare for in-class essays as well as DBQs, and they work with students of all ages in all types of history courses.

Organization and Study Skills

Having trouble getting back to school or preparing for midterm or final exams? Our teachers can help students organize their notes, show them how to study better, and teach them how to organize their time more efficiently. From simple exercises such as organizing binders and notebooks prior to the start of the year to more complex tasks such as learning how to write a research paper, we can show students what to do. Our tutors have completed the most rigorous programs at the most rigorous colleges around the country – they know how to stay on top of their work and how to budget their time, essential skills for any student!