The Digital SAT


The Digital SAT differs from its paper predecessors in many ways–including length, format, and question type. These changes mean students will need to learn new test-taking skills and time-management strategies to perform at their best.

The new Digital SAT arrives in:

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A Quick Guide to Bespoke’s Digital SAT Practice Tests

Combined with a program of focused learning, Bespoke’s Digital SAT Practice tests will help students prepare for future Digital SAT testing success.

Digital SAT Real Look and Feel

Real Deal Look & Feel

Powered by proprietary digital education technology, Bespoke practice tests match the Digital SAT feature-for-feature, including hot keys and the Desmos calculators.

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Accurate Questions & Scores

Bespoke experts develop “look-alike” Digital SAT questions that they validate with student testers. This ensures that practice scores provide a clear window on future performance.

Digital SAT Personalized Rports

Personalized Performance Assessments

Bespoke’s test reports analyze answer patterns to identify strengths and weaknesses for categories of related questions.

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Time Management Analysis

Time management analysis captured visually in the test report will let students compare their times on every question with all practice test takers.

Digital SAT Mock Tests

Unmatched Testing Track Record

Over the past two decades, Bespoke has created mock tests based on its in-house test preparation curriculum that have been taken more than 30,000 times.

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Resources for Parents and Students

This feature-by-feature examination is a snapshot of how the new Digital SAT differs from the paper test it replaces. (PDF)

Here are our test preparation experts answers to questions about the Digital SAT that parents and students ask the most. (PDF)

The Digital SAT will be here before you know it. This timeline overlays Digital SAT testing dates with a step-by-step plan to prepare. (PDF)